Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekend in review...

This weekend, we were busy, busy, busy!

My husband, Mr. Pharmaceutical, signed our family up for the Diabetes Walk-a-thon in Yuma Arizona. He set up a booth displaying information about diabetes, and how his company has medicines that can help. Even though he only did a "talk-a-thon" while Joel and I were the only two who did the walk-a-thon, it was a great day!

As Joel and I were walkin' (well, Joel actually just rode piggy back on my back!!!) we sang our ABC's, and days of the week. We talked about the river next to us, (the Colorado river) and how it would be so nice to go to swimming in, say, the beach...

After we crossed the finish line, we packed up and did just that- we went to the beach!!!

Holland asked us about every 30 seconds (of a 3 hour drive...) if we were really going to the beach, and if she could really dig in the sand, and if we were almost there, and if she could really dig in the sand, and if we were really going to the beach... (you get the picture)
Needless to say, Holland LOVES everything about the beach.
This pi
cture says everything her heart has to say about it!
Once at the beach
, we played, we explored, and we had fun just being together!

When it got dark, we went to a greasy taco shop for dinner. They were amazing!!! (Except for the grit from the relentless sand.)

next day, we began our festivities with a little trip to Ikea. Holland has been talking and dreaming about the blessed day when she would be tall enough to go into the play place with her siblings. Mr. Pharmaceutical and I crossed our fingers as the attendant assessed her height. Finally when she gave her approval, our whole family jumped up and down and cheered for the little gal! (Even the people in line behind us congratulated her... ) Mr. Pharmaceutical and I high fived each other as we were able to enjoy every nook and cranny of Ikea... childless!!!
After Ikea, and like a hundred dollars later, we went back to the Pier/beach.
We drank hot chocolate, saw a seal, Ethan tried unsuccessfully to catch
a pigeon or seagull, and we watched the fishermen.
In the afternoon, Mr. Pharmaceutical and I took a nap
in the sand while our kids soaked up the sun and waves. It was such a great weekend! Best of all, we got to spend it together. What a delightfully splendid weekend!


Daisy Paige said...

Holy crap, you updated your blog.

A lot.

Weird, because I was thinking about you guys last night when I was brushing my teeth (yeah, I'm not sure either).

Your kids look so old! How is school going? Glad to see things sound good with Russ' diabetes gig. Can I tell you how much I love "Mr. Pharmaceutical?" You're hilarious!

Amy said...

This is the best. I love to be able to peek into your life whenever I want. Great writing too, by the way. The Beach looks like so oo oo oo much fun. If you guys weren't moving up here (probably) I would be wishing to get back to what your pictures are describing. Every day is a fun day when you are at the beach!

Amy said...

Oh and Huly really looks like she is in her element. (Yea Ikea) You know if we moved to San Diego, and you moved to San Diego...then we could still have a chance at being neighbors. And I really think that we need that chance.

The Palmers said...

Hey, I got the vegas pictures up. Thank you for taking them and sending them to me. You Rock! Love ya!

Anna Neilson said...

reading this same post for months on end is starting to feel like reading 1st nephi. No matter how hard i try, i just can't get passed it! Hillary, you must write something else!!Give everyone something more to ponder for the next 6 months.