Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Holland is in preschool this year- ALL DAY LONG! I really miss this kid during the day so I have been thinking a ton about her. I know many of you get to see her fairly regularly, but not like I do. With this in mind, I present to you...

The Top Ten Endearing Oddeties About Holland, the Stewart Caboose

#10- Holland is afraid of the security cameras at school. (They are on the ceiling and are motion sensitive. They move when they detect movement. Holland watches them and then freaks out every time she sees one move. It's funnysad.)

#9- Holland twists her nipple. (I'm trying to break her of this... before her nipple breaks!)

#8- Holland didn't know stars were real until last summer when we left the lights of the city and drove out to the country.

#7- Holland fits perfectly nestled under my chin when we take a nap every day at 1:30. I have always loved how much she loves her nap, how easy it is for her to fall asleep for her nap, and how I get to take a nap because of her nap! (I miss snuggling now that she is in school...)

#6- Holland totally IDOLIZES her big brother Ethan. If she has a bad hair day (she is VERY VERY VERY VERY particular about how her hair looks) she won't want anyone to see her that way. Ethan (sweet boy) will make sure to dote over how beautiful her hair is that particular day and his opinion will totally turn her bad hair day to a great hair day! Way to save the day Ethan!

#5- Holland's smile is asymmestrical due to the constant sucking of her two middle findgers on her left hand. She has been sucking the very same fingers since she was three weeks old. Her smile is starting to look a little Katie Holmes-ish...

#4- Holland has an entorage of two teddy bears, and one stuffed ginea pig. They go everywhere she does during the night- to her bed, to my bed, to the bathroom, to my bed, to Ethan's bed, to my bed, back to her bed, but mostly just to my bed! (I haven't had a good night sleep in so long...)

#3- Holland is in LOVE with Taylor Swift and listens to her songs on repeat. Her dad and I will stop what we are doing to listen, all the while we are trying to look like we are not listening so as not to embarrass her. Taylor Swift is SO unaware of her biggest little fan!

#2- Holland is absolutely terrified of Yoda, (or atleast, the mask of Yoda that belongs to her father and currently resides in his side of the closet, top shelf...) she has an extreme distaste for peanut butter, and she still flips out when I go through the automatic car wash.

#1- Holland is so very compassionate. I smashed my finger yesterday and it made me cry. She hugged me for a long time and cried with me. Man, how I love this incredible kid!

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The Palmers said...

You should take her out of the all day pre-school and just do a morning one if you can. I bet she would be better off (and so would you) if she was only in half day. What a sweet girl and what a sweet mom!